Who We Are…

iPhotonix is driving the future integration of your access network and your business. By transforming the concept of “access” to People & Things accessing the cloud and each other you can see the possibilities in a new light. iPhotonix will lead this evolution to enable you to Access the Future. Our team of experienced professionals has world-renowned knowledge of Fiber Access Technologies spanning multiple generations in integrating TRUE Carrier-grade features delivered over the range of Passive Optical Networks (PON).


Where We’re Taking You

The future of your access network will ensure you to garner your fair and equitable share of the end-to-end value chain. You’ll experience a simplification of the complexities of the access network while meeting your scale, large or small, and availability demands. Business ideas turn in to revenue at lightning speed and unforeseen efficiencies will be realized from beginning to end. All this on an access network architecture built upon COTS hardware (x86) and open source software and managed with LAN simplicities.


How We’re Getting There

iPhotonix solutions enable you to gracefully evolve from today’s installed base of central office equipment, outside plant, CPE and management systems to a future based on multi-vendor COTS hardware and open source software managed with LAN simplicities. Our solutions enable you to access the future at your own pace leveraging your current access network deployments. With designed-in flexibility you will now be able to make green- and brown field deployment and upgrade decisions on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Utilizing advanced virtualization techniques your iPhotonix-driven access network will enable new levels of efficiencies, flexibilities and performance that accelerate your business objectives.