iPhotonix iVN is a complete virtual access network that symbiotically supports CSP’s business drivers. iVN includes the access network operating system and the management and orchestration system (MANO) all running on COTS x86 servers and bare metal Ethernet switches. iVN eliminates the proprietary lock-in of legacy systems and gives the communication service provider the access network of the future, today. With iVN CSPs can visualize and manage their entire access footprint with Ethernet LAN simplicity. Complex PON protocols are shielded from all most all of the operational workforce creating an ultra-flexible access network that naturally meets the CSPs business objects. iVN is a true virtualized access network architecture that enables new end-to-end  access paradigms, operational efficiencies and simplicities.

The iPhotonix GSX 100 Universal Access Software offers the most comprehensive set of access network and home networking interfaces and features a CSP needs to support their full range of services and access networks.   With the industry’s most complete family of CPE the CSP can provide each diverse home with the right set of features and interfaces all with a common software base.   GSX 100 gives the CSP common open source code for all CPE models providing inherent flexibility and management simplicity.  Now, they can add new services and features once and simply upgrade all of their CPE with common software eliminating the complexity and time of supporting disparate CPE software code bases.  The field proven GSX-100 runs on the latest silicon from leading vendors and enables the CSP to gain supply chain diversity and to become hardware independent on their own schedule.