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Fair Share of the Value Chain

In the web companies’ view of world the access provider is a commodity bandwidth provider and all the innovative services and associated revenues belong to them.  Never mind the heavy lifting (and expense) the access company is responsible for characterized by a fleet of bucket trucks and customer care call centers.

iPhotonix delivers an open architecture  so simple and flexible it enables the access service provider to better meet the needs of both end user subscribers (residential and commercial) and the web companies themselves.   They will be rewarded with financial strength by garnishing their fair and equitable share of the value chain.  The results lead to top line revenue growth and reduced expenses leading to enviable EBITDA and earnings per share.

New Revenue Opportunities

A virtualized access architecture creates a foundation whereby the CSP can quickly offer new services through rapid deployment of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) in both retail and wholesale settings driving top line revenue growth. With this the access provider is firmly positioned to receive their fair share of the value chain by offering real value to both subscribers and the web companies. Subscribers, residential and enterprise, will benefit with customized service offerings reminiscent of highly profitable CLASS features from the PSTN voice world.  Each subscriber can select only those features they require and the CSP can instantly deliver them by configuring the CPE device and network with the appropriate VNFs all with Ethernet LAN management simplicities and workforces.   On the wholesale side, iPhotonix CPE can deliver features to the web companies that enhance the web companies’ offerings and in many cases eliminates their need to design, manufacture, deploy and support their own CPE devices.   New retail and wholesale service offerings drive the CSPs top line revenue.

Brand Preference

The CSPs COTS-based CPE device evolves to become the control center for the home or office. It becomes the foundation or platform for all services (Voice, Video and Data) to all devices (TV, PCs, and Smart Phones). With this approach the service providers brand is at the forefront of the consumer’s experience.   No longer is the premise “box” associated solely with internet access and Wi-Fi.  Both of which are commodity connectivity services.

New smart home services based on IoT, including home security, energy management and smart lighting, can be delivered via the iVN, iPhotonix’s Management and Orchestration Platform (MANO), running on the ubiquitous CPE devices eliminating the need for an additional box, the IoT hub, in the home. Incorporating the IoT hub in the CSPs CPE device eliminates the threat that a web company will deploy its own IoT hub relegating the CSP to connectivity only.

With the CSP device acting as a neutral host, multiple web companies can lease capabilities and virtual environments adding to the CSPs wholesale revenues and giving consumers greater flexibility in selecting web services. Without these inherent capabilities consumers will either be locked in to a single web company’s offering or face the challenges of multiple CPE devices each with their own wiring and management interfaces. Thus, the iPhotonix virtual access system elevates the CSPs brand well beyond basic connectivity.  By supporting both their own services and third party OTT/IoT services the CSP becomes the consumers trusted brand for all of their smart lifestyle services.

Success is based on trust. One public security breach eliminates years of goodwill. To address this iPhotonix  incorporates  security throughout the access network.  The open source LINUX based operating systems are complete with state-of-the-art security technologies and techniques to ensure your brand is protected.

Organizational Velocity

CSPs around the globe are aiming to become more nimble like the web companies. The iPhotonix virtual access system based on white box servers, bare metal switches and open source software enable them to “walk the talk”. It delivers the desired organizational future state of innovation (FSI) where ideas for new services can turn in to revenue at lightning speed.   There is no need to identify, qualify and deploy a new hardware appliance to support the new idea, which can take 12 to 18 months.  Now, services can be defined and deployed across the CSPs footprint in a matter of hours or days.   With the virtual access system CSPs can deploy innovative services and applications so quickly and simply they can create service for select segments of their subscriber base.   No longer must they create services for everyone or no one since the cost to deploy is so much lower.  Additionally, like the web companies, they can deploy prototype or early versions of a service to rapidly gain market share and real world experience and if necessary fail fast.