Extending the power and reach of SDN to the Enterprise-wide and Service Provider Edge Networks.

iVN for Enterprises

Tackling head-on the issues facing today’s enterprise IT organizations


As a foundational premise, iVN is architected to improve total network security.  All inter-site traffic traverses AES-256 encrypted tunnels while cloud-based policy design and network-wide policy distribution increase consistency and reduce configuration errors.

Embedded stateful firewall and carrier-grade NAT VNFs enable secure, local site internet access. Support of third-party VNFs provides operators the freedom to select best-of-breed next generation firewalls.  All devices, applications and users attempting to attach to the LAN are authenticated.


For the first time, your SD-WAN and SD-LAN can be as agile as your business needs.  Enabled by the power of virtualization and cloud automation, new applications can be deployed, enterprise wide, in minutes, not weeks – and with no new hardware.

Bandwidth and connectivity can be reconfigured on the fly or be automatically triggered by network events based on network policies that are aligned with business priorities.

The analysis compares CAPEX and OPEX for an executive office LAN.  The legacy solution is based on Layer 2 switches with Ethernet delivered over Cat6 cable.  The iVN solution utilizes a whitebox switch, fiber-deep architecture with Ethernet services delivered via OEDs at the services edge.

While the financial comparisons yield a compelling result, the value goes far beyond the numbers.  The SD-LAN is a cloud-managed, agile and future-proof asset, not a write-off that will need replacing in three years.

iVN maintains granular visibility and control of application, device and network performance throughout the global WAN and LAN infrastructure.  Triggered by network policies consistent with application importance, iVN’s inherent capabilities ensure quality application performance during periods of congestion, high packet loss, excessive latency and link failures.  The iVN optimization tool kit includes: bandwidth-weighted, session-based load balancing; adaptive WAN optimization features; intelligent path selection; and application-aware QoS within the enterprise-wide network fabric.


With enterprise networks growing in both scale and complexity, rapid fault isolation can be challenging,  even for the experts. iVN continuously monitors in real time, application, device and network performance across the global enterprise.  Historical analytics are also maintained in five-minute intervals providing a “rewind” view of application performance. The entire service path is displayed graphically pinpointing the root cause of any degradation.  Find it, fix it, forget it.

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iVN for Service Providers

Fundamentally changing the managed services business model


With legacy networks, expanding managed service revenue dictates new platforms, architectures and headcount.

iVN changes this paradigm by centralizing and automating all aspects of the management of the enterprise WAN and LAN infrastructure, security and services.  Another key element is the ability to provide a single, integrated, future-proof SD-Passive Optical LAN that will support future services not yet imagined.


iVN’s unique ability to interwork with the northbound management interfaces on legacy, blackbox switches and edge devices transforms legacy assets in to cloud-managed assets with minimal infrastructure investment.  This creates a significant upside for you to convert enterprise-operated networks to managed opportunities.


Enterprise CFOs prefer subscription models over CAPEX alternatives requiring you to fund the upfront costs. iVN reduces your CAPEX by as much as two-thirds and more closely aligns costs with revenues.  The necessary hardware is globally available from multiple vendors shortening purchasing cycles and eliminating customs delays. New applications (VNFs) can be deployed on the fly, network wide with no new hardware and no truck rolls.


Avoid services commodification and become stickier.  With iVN you not only manage your customer’s global WAN and LAN, but can manage service delivery to the network service edge.  This enables a valuable set of services including: firewall and advanced security, VPNs, VLANs, network-wide policy, DHCP, NAT QoS, guest network services, and customer-specific applications.

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