iPhotonix is leading the way in software-defined enterprise networking. Learn more about our products below.


A software-defined access solution enabling full cloud management and automation that eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone processes of configuring switches and access devices.

Flexible, Scalable LAN Topologies

iVN supports copper or fiber transport technologies and standard Ethernet, Active Ethernet, and Passive Optical LAN topologies.

Application-Aware QoS Engine

Based on application network resource utilization, iVN’s QoS engine dynamically allocates bandwidth to maximize application performance.

Authenticated Access Control Security

Users, devices, and applications are authenticated before network access is granted – failed authentications trigger alerts and are placed in a walled-garden.

Intelligent Switch Fabric

Automated physical network topology discovery and service interconnect across all SD-LAN switches and edge devices.


A high performance, virtual overlay that reliably and securely connects distributed enterprise sites with each other, with the corporate datacenter, and with cloud-based applications.

Intelligent WAN Path Selection

Dual WAN paths are configurable as Active-Active or Active-Backup. Path selection is based on packet content and network policies that are aligned with business priorities optimizing application performance.

Adaptive WAN Optimization Tool Kit

Improve the performance of applications experiencing poor link performance: Forward Error Correction (FEC), duplicate packet generation/suppression, and bandwidth-weighted load balancing.

Multi-site Router with Embedded Security

Highly scalable, distributed router supports BGP and OSPF protocols. Sites are automatically interconnected via AES-256 encrypted tunnels. Implementation includes intrinsic stateful firewall, carrier-grade NAT and DHCP server.

Virtual Network Commander - vNetC

vNetC centralizes, simplifies and automates virtually all aspects of the entire enterprise SD-WAN and SD-LAN

Template-Based, Zero-Touch Provisioning

The intuitive interface, extensive templates, and network-wide distribution of provisioning parameters result in error-free, zero-touch provisioning.

Service Analytics and Path Visibility

Real-time and historical service analytics coupled with a graphical view of the end-to-end service path reduce troubleshooting times and improve user experience.

Third-Party VNF Management

Third-party VNF support speeds the deployment of new, value-add applications such as WAP controllers, vPBXs, IDS/IPS, etc., without adding new hardware.

Integration With Existing Back-Office Systems

Support of standard northbound REST APIs make integration into existing business and operational support system environments a simple task.

Optical Edge Devices (OED)

Our broad family of OEDs delivers a new level of deployment and management agility to enterprise and provider edge networks.

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Industry’s Broadest Family of Configurations

Our growing family of over 40 models supports a range of provider edge and subscriber network standards configured for indoor, outdoor, multi-dwelling unit, residential and enterprise network deployments.

Software-Defined Interoperability with Leading OLT Vendors

For service providers, your headaches of ensuring by geography that the CPE matches your OLT vendor are over - our intelligent family of OEDs fully interoperate with all leading OLT vendors.

Full Line of Subscriber Networking Interfaces and Services

Our OEDs support a variety of services including VoIP, POTS, high-speed data, residential gateway and Ethernet over a range of interfaces including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and MoCA.

Versatile Carrier Network Interface Support

Our models support numerous access network Interfaces including GPON, Ethernet, Active Ethernet and MoCA, and our dual-mode models support both Active Ethernet and GPON.