iPhotonix brings the power of Open Source and Virtualization to the access network. The result is a new paradigm of access. It’s now about People and Things accessing the cloud and each other. It’s now about Accessing the Future!

The future of your business…

Virtualization and open source evolve your business as well as your network. An iPhotonix access network delivers intrinsic flexibility, simplicity of management and new compelling economics giving you a foundation that support your business objectives. With iPhotonix virtual access system your business will be rewarded with financial strength, brand preference and organizational velocity.

Financial Strength

Earn your fair share of the value chain. Get new revenue opportunities (Retail & Wholesale) and new efficiencies in idea-to-revenue and OPEX across the board.

Brand Preference

The trusted brand for residential subscribers including IoT and Smart Home services. CPE becomes your strategic foundation for people & things. End-to-end security designed in.

Organizational Velocity

Lightning speed from Idea to Revenue. You can change your access network fast to adapt to demand and manage access network with LAN simplicity.

Your future access network…


Supports all current and future optical access architectures (GPON, EPON, NG PON 2, RFOG and beyond. Supports all home networking standards.

Single Management System

Single management experience for all networks and all subscribers. Manage access network complexities with LAN simplicity and IT workforce.

End-to-end Operational Simplicity

Common OAM&P Methods and Procedures across your entire access network footprint. Minimizes PON complexities and overhead of proprietary solutions.

Foundations for the future

iPhotonix enables a graceful evolution to the future from your existing access network infrastructure


iPhotonix software includes iVN, the most complete end-to-end virtual access network system, and GSX-100 an open source software solution for all your CPE needs.

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iPhotonix offers the industry’s most comprehensive family of ONTs, CPE and residential gateways all running the GSX-100 software on a leading commercial silicon platform .

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The iPhotonix Virtual Access System comprised of iVN, GSX-100 and the most comprehensive family of CPE enables the Communication Service Provider to support their entire range of deployment scenarios. Now CSPs can deploy one access architecture that supports all of their residential and commercial subscribers with their full range of today’s communication services with the flexibility and openness to rapidly support their future.

















Evolution to the future

iPhotonix enables a graceful evolution to the future from your existing access network infrastructure

Upgrading the access network was an expensive and time consuming process. Matching localized demands with the right capabilities was challenging. iPhotonix is changing this. Whether today’s network is optical, copper or coax iPhotonix enables the access provider to evolve their network to gigabit speeds and beyond without the need to rip and replace existing inside and outside equipment.  With iPhotonix you can support subscribers wanting gigabit services without the challenges of a total re-build of your entire access network footprint. With iPhotonix you can begin your evolution to the future today.

Let’s start your evolution to the future today. Contact us to begin your journey.

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